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The Second Voyage Of 2014 Is Over

Kruzenshtern started voyage #2/114 in Sochi on the 6th of March, then called in Agadir (Morocco), Sète (France), Varna (Bulgaria) and Sevastopol.

The Second Voyage Of 2014 Is Over
Barque Kruzenshtern called in port Agadir, Morocco on the 5th of April 2014 after leaving Sochi, making a brief stop in the Black Sea and passing the spectacular Turkish straits Bosporus and Dardanelles. In Agadir V. Vorobiev, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russian Federation in Morocco as well as Ilya Shestakov, Chief of the Federal Fishery Agency in Russia came on board Kruzenshtern. During the second session of Russian-Moroccan mixed fishery commission discussed the questions regarding commercial conditions of fishing in Moroccan Atlantic zone, made an agreement on training Moroccan specialists In Russian educational institutions and adjusted the direction of scientific and technical cooperation between the two countries.

In Sète Kruzenshtern took part in Escale à Sète 2014, an important sailing ship event being held at the beautiful French Rivera. Cadets went on tours, took part in crew parade and performed on the deck. Durnig the stay at the port over 12000 people visited Kruzenshtern.

In Varna Kruzenshtern took part in the opening of the first-ever STI Black Sea Tall Ship Regatta 2014 along 16 other vessels including Sedov, Mir, Nadezhda, Running on Waves and many others. Cadets participated in sports competitions and crew parade and on the 3rd of May the Regatta started. Kruzenshtern showed promising results at the beginning but in a couple of days had to call of her participation in the event due to the tight schedule.

The sail training ship Kruzenshtern called in Sevastopol a day earlier than planned, on the 6th of May. Sevastopol is the Black Sea Fleet base for Russian Federation, is widely known for the heroic battles during the Second World War and famous for the legendary defence during Crimean War (1853– 1856). First time ever in history of barque Kruzenshtern along the vessels of the Black Sea Fleet took part in the military parade dedicated to the 9th of May 1945 – the day the Great Patriotic War has ended and Soviet Union won the war on Fascism. Also, this year Sevastopol celebrates 70 years since its liberation from the Fascist occupation, so the events were pretty huge there. Over 45000 people including Great Patriotic War veterans came on board Kruzenshtern during this brief stay and the queue of those who wanted to climb up the ship’s ladder was absolutely insane.

On the 14th of May Kruzenshtern returned to Sochi again along with the participants of the Black Sea Tall Ship Regatta. On the way to Sochi cadets passed the exams on board for gaining their first maritime professions and now came back to their families being the professionals. The cadets and part of the crew went home from this year’s Olympic capital and 121 rookies came. The vessel left Sochi on the 18th of May and is heading to Cannes at the moment.