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21.06.2017 11:35:00 / Academy Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy Accepts Sedov Into Service

On the 1st of June the academy held a press conference and told about plans on the barque. On the 18th of June the vessel started her first voyage of 2017 and first under the flag of BFFSA.

27.04.2017 11:16:00 / Kruzenshtern The navigation of 2017 is on!

This year of sailing is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Kruzenshtern's work under the flag of Russian fisheries.

25.08.2015 15:19:00 / Kruzenshtern Summer of Festivals

Kruzenshtern continuous participating in Tall Ships festivals across Europe.

20.02.2015 14:02:00 / Kruzenshtern Kruzenshtern starts the 2015 navigation

Kruzenshtern is to call at 26 ports of 15 states this year.

26.11.2014 13:29:00 / Kruzenshtern Kruzenshtern’s schedule for 2015 confirmed

The vessel is preparing for the next year’s voyages; also hosted a meeting at the dockyard in Svetliy, Kaliningrad.

02.10.2014 17:02:00 / Kruzenshtern Kruzenshtern is finally coming back home

The barque is set to come back to her homeport on the 3rd of October; on October the 5th the sailing ship is opening her board for citizens and guests of Kaliningrad.

25.09.2014 17:01:00 / Kruzenshtern Kruzenshtern still gazes into the sea

Now there is a square named after Adam Iohann (Ivan Fedorovich) Kruzenshtern in Tallinn.

25.06.2014 17:08:00 / Kruzenshtern R.I.P Gennady Kolomensky, the mentor captain of Kruzenshtern

Kruzenshtern’s most significant modernization and reconstruction arrangements as well as most valuable achievements at the largest international races and festivals happened under his supervision.

09.06.2014 15:06:00 / Kruzenshtern Kruzenshtern is 90: International Research Project

On June the 16th Russian and German sides are going to meet in Bremerhaven on board Kruzensthern to discuss the details of the project.

22.05.2014 17:24:00 / Kruzenshtern The Second Voyage Of 2014 Is Over

Kruzenshtern started voyage #2/114 in Sochi on the 6th of March, then called in Agadir (Morocco), Sète (France), Varna (Bulgaria) and Sevastopol.

24.03.2014 15:27:00 / Kruzenshtern “Padua”/”Kruzenshtern” during the Second World War

A lot of literature states that the “Padua” in 1940 was reduced to a barge pulled by a steam tug. However that's not quite accurate. Now we publish the story, as told by the sister-in-law and sons of the then Chief Mate John Jungblut, who spent a lot of time on board “Padua” until 1945, by the son of the then Second Mate Winfried Behrens and by one of the few sailors still alive, Wolfhardt “Oenschi” Schoenfeld. 

13.03.2014 13:04:00 / Kruzenshtern Kruzenshtern is back to Sochi for the Paralympics

On the 6th of March the vessel came back to the 2014 Olympics capital, the cadets and the crew are already contributing their best effort into the event.

03.03.2014 13:28:00 / Kruzenshtern Kruzenshtern’s Olympic Voyage Is Over!

First ever call in Sochi is going to be the one to remember both for cadets and visitors from all over the world.

18.02.2014 16:01:00 / Kruzenshtern Kruzenshtern has called in Sochi

During the mooring the silhouette of famous barque embellished the new Olympic capital.

31.01.2014 16:24:00 / Kruzenshtern One spiritual voyage

While Kruzenshtern is currently on her way to Sochi for the XXII Winter Olympics, we recollect the recent events in Bari and Patras, where the cadets and the crew had some memorable religious experiences

23.01.2014 12:37:00 / Kruzenshtern Kruzenshtern has called in Bari

After a week of sailing from Morocco, the barque anchored in Italy

28.12.2013 15:37:00 / Kruzenshtern Cadets are getting into work

The 10-day programme has started, the first all-hands has happened and the Østbroen bridge has been passed

27.12.2013 11:44:00 / Kruzenshtern Kruzenshtern has started Olympic voyage

The barque is going to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Bremerhaven, then call in ports of Morocco, Italy and Greece and finally spend over a month in Sochi for the XXII Winter Olympics

16.12.2013 12:47:00 / Kruzenshtern Kruzenshtern: the video digest

We shared three new videos regarding Kruzenshtern

27.11.2013 13:36:00 / Kruzenshtern Kruzenshtern is docking

The vessel needs some repairing and systematic servicing before the Marine Registry presentation