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The navigation of 2017 is on!

This year of sailing is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Kruzenshtern's work under the flag of Russian fisheries.

The navigation of 2017 is on!
Famous four-mast barque Kruzenshtern began her first voyage of 2017. The ship left Kaliningrad Marine Fishery Port on the 25th of April in the evening and soon entered the Baltic Sea. On board of the vessel are cadets from various marine schools and academies of Russian Federal Fisheries Agency. Cadets come from Kerch, Astrakhan, Saint Petersburg and, of course, Kaliningrad. As usual Kruzenshtern carries on board 120 youngsters, to whom this practice is about to become the first one in their lives.

During a month and a half these young men and women are going to take their frist steps at sea. They are going to learn how to operate the sails, to live, work and study according to the marine schedule. Cadets will learn an internal arrangement of Kruzenshtern and learn the laws regulating the sea life. At the end of the practice they are going to pass the exam to obtain their first marine profession and become qualified sailors or motorman.

Sailing on board the historic barque allows cadets to become familiar with the rich legacy of national maritime traditions and foreign maritime culture. Visiting foreign ports of different continents and in different latitudes, sightseeing and excursions broaden cadets’ horizons and enrich spiritually.

Kruzenshtern’s passage on the 25th of April turned out to be quite a spectacle. The new onboard lightning system was turned on for the first time publicly so the sight of sailing ship passing by the channel turned out to be an unforgettable show for many spectators that gathered and cheered along the sea canal.

First stop of voyage 1/122 is Świnoujście (Poland). The 90-year old Kruzenshtern is planning to call in this port on the 28th of April. Also, the vessel is planning to call in ports of Hamburg (Germany) on the 5th of May, Larvik (Norway) on the 15th of May, Antwerp an Ostend (Belgium) on the 25th of May. Kruzenshtern is going to be back in Kaliningrad on the 4th on June.