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The countdown to Winter Olympics began on board Kruzenshtern

The Olympic relay-race came to Kaliningrad and started on board famous sail training ship.

The countdown to Winter Olympics began on board Kruzenshtern
Kruzenshtern has finally returned to her home port. However, the voyage has not been over yet, there was one more very important mission left. On the 27th of October the vessel called in port of Baltiysk, Kaliningrad region to participate in the Winter Olympics relay-race.

Captain Mikhail Novikov was the first one to carry the Olympic torch. After the passage from the steer to the bridge along the right side of the barque, the captain commanded to set the Olympic sail and the special Sochi-2014 sail has flung up.

The next one to handle the torch was the rector of Kaliningrad Technical State University Vladimir Volkogon. He continued the relay-race along the left board of the vessel and then handed the fire to the next participant, Kruzenshtern’s cadet Aleksey Panteleev.

After doing the full circle the torch has been handed to Olympic fire keepers for them to transfer the Olympic fire to the streets of Kaliningrad and then to the main square of the city where the countdown to the Games has been officially announced.

Photos by Vasily Semidyanov