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Sailing tall ship Kruzenshtern is approaching Vlissingen

The barque is about to take part in Sail de Ruyter marine festival.

Sailing tall ship Kruzenshtern is approaching Vlissingen
Captain Mikhail Novikov reports from the vessel:

By the morning of August 18th we have approached the Great Belt. That was when we set the sails for the first time during this voyage and we were keeping them on up until supper. By 7 p.m. we have passed the East Bridge.

Due to the stormy wind blowing by the Skagen, we weren’t eager to go North as fast as we could. We have received a better forecast for the August 19th and launched the 10-day intensive program for the cadets who just came on board for the first time in their lives two days ago in Kaliningrad.

The call in port of Vlissingen, Netherlands is planned on the 22nd of August. Sail de Ruyter marine festival organizers are scheduling a resonable sail parade from the port of Ostende to Vlissingen.

During the festival the cadets are going to participate in beach volleyball, football and rugby tournaments as well as the kayak racing. The cadets are going to take the tour of the city and visit the Delta Werken, the biggest water construction in Europe and one of the wonders of the modern world.

As usual the cadets are going to participate in the crew parade on the streets of Skagen and going to have the party on the last day of the festival. Some of the cadets are going to attend a special reception at the town’s hall.

At the moment the cadets are doing their first steps towards working on heights, working with sails and are getting used to waking up early in the morning.