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Only one day is left to Rostock

Cadets are passing qualification exams and fishing in the open sea.

Only one day is left to Rostock
Captain Mikhail Novikov reporting from the vessel:

“From 21nd to 23rd of October, Kruzenshtern’s cadets have been passing the qualification exams for gaining their first marine profession. Those who successfully passed the exam described their emotions in their letters from Kruzenshtern (check out the letters in Russian in the "Letters from Kruzenshtern" section) and now work with the crew, making rugs and floor-mats.

We did a short stop in the North Sea at the fishery shoal so cadets and members of the crew could fish.

During this passage, on the 22nd of October we have ended our sailing routine due to the approaching to the strait zone. We decided to roll up the sails before the expected wind and rain strengthening and pass the rest of the distance to Rostock using the engine.

The weather got colder, it’s +15 C already. The gustily southern wind is 18 meters per second”.

You can see the Kruzenshtern’s actual position here.