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Kruzenshtern: the video digest

We shared three new videos regarding Kruzenshtern

Kruzenshtern: the video digest
First of all, the barque has received an entirely new photo collection by photographer Vasily Semidianov to carry on board during the 2014 voyages. The photo exhibition on board Kruzenshtern is a long-time tradition. Photos regarding the life on board Kruzenshtern is the first thing people see when they get on deck, however this collection is concentrated mostly on the call in the port of Vancouver in 2010. That was the last time Kruzensthern supported the Russian Olympic Team at the Olympic Winter Games and this time with Sochi among the ports of call in it was decided that the Olympic-themed exhibition is the right thing to go with. Before the photos got on board of the vessel, they were shown in the Kaliningrad Regional Duma, here’s a local news report on that.

Channel “Rossiya 1” has started showing the new documentary series “Neva and Nadezhda: Russia’s First Ever Circumnavigation”. The series presented by famous Russian traveler and TV-personality Mikhail Kozhuhov are dedicated to the life of Ivan Fedorovich Kruzenshtern and were partly shot on board the vessel that now carries his name. 

Finally, there is 35-minute documentary on the recent summer voyage #2/111 by Kaliningrad journalist Sergey Blagov. Sergey always has worked a lot on board Kruzenshtern, though never for a long period of time. Now that he has experienced a whole passage in its eternity, he prepared a detailed documentary of how everything goes and works on a sailing ship. This is as close to the real thing as it gets.

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