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Kruzenshtern still gazes into the sea

Now there is a square named after Adam Iohann (Ivan Fedorovich) Kruzenshtern in Tallinn.

Kruzenshtern still gazes into the sea
The city of Tallinn put up the bas-relief of Adam Iohann (Ivan Fedorovich) Kruzenshtern at the harbor of Noblessneri near the Old Town, in front of the BLRTGrupp shipyard. Bas-relief was created by Estonian artist Aime Kuulbush Melder. The bas-relief was set on the currently projected square that is expected to carry the name of the great explorer and is going to be located in between the sea coast and Peetri and Staapli streets.

The idea of immortalizing the name of great admiral and explorer belongs to Vladimir Derevenev, the chairman of the beneficent association East-West Bridge. This idea was supported by the Worldwide St. Petersburg Citizens Club, the Russian War Historical Society and Russian Georgraphical Society.

Adam Iohann Krusenstern was born in Hagudi, Harrien, Governorate of Estonia, Russian Empire into a Baltic German family descended from the Swedish aristocratic family von Krusenstjerna, which remained in the province after the country was ceded to Russia. He died in 1846 in Kiltsi manor, an Estonian manor he had purchased in 1816, and was buried in the Tallinn Cathedral.

The opening ceremony of the bas-relief occurred on the 19th of September 2014 and featured vice mayor of Tallinn, BLRTGupp representatives, Worldwide St. Petersburg Citizens Club representatives, Ivan Fedorovich’s relative Aleksey Kruzenshtern, Veterans of Tallinn Fleet Club members and mentor captain of STS Kruzenshtern Mikhail Novikov.

“I’m very happy to be here today because there’s so much that connects Kruzenshtern to Tallinn”, - said Mikhail Novikov. – “First of all, this is the place of birth for Ivan Kruzenshtern himself, then for many years it was a home port for our vessel. I just hope that this friendship between two Kruzenshterns is going to go on and we’re going to visit Tallinn more often”.

After the ceremony the Russian delegation visited the Kruzensthern’s estate in Kiltsi.