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Kruzenshtern starts the 2015 navigation

Kruzenshtern is to call at 26 ports of 15 states this year.

Kruzenshtern starts the 2015 navigation
The famous four-masted barque Kruzenshtern will celebrate her 90th anniversary next year.The tall ship has made almost a hundred and fifty voyages, around-the-world cruise, transatlantic expeditions, successfully participated and won international regattas.

Annual navigation of the sail training ship Kruzenshtern usually comprises three voyages each of which lasts no more than three months. 

About 120 cadets from educational institutions of the Federal Agency for Fishery and from different Russian cities (Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan and Yeisk) have their first practical maritime training and gain the professional experience aboard the tall ship Kruzenshtern.

Sailing on board the historic barque allows cadets to become familiar with the rich legacy of national maritime traditions and foreign maritime culture. Visiting foreign ports of all continents and in different latitudes, sightseeing and excursions broaden cadets’ horizons and enrich spiritually.

Kruzenshtern is to call at 26 ports of 15 states in 2015.

During the long voyages cadets will be able to get basic professional skills of a sailor and a motorman successfully combining the practical training with theoretical classes( in accordance with the curricula of the educational institutions). The few months of sea romance will help them fully realize the right choice of maritime career.

For nearly 90 years of the Kruzenshtern history more than 15,000 cadets have done the practical training and acquired unforgettable experience aboard the ship.

Kruzenshtern is planning to leave Kaliningrad on the 24th of February from the berth №18 of the Kaliningrad Marine Fishery Port. The farewell ceremony is expected to feature authorities and officials, veterans of WWII and representatives of various organisations. 

And if you're in Kaliningrad, do not miss the opportunity to visit Kruzenshtern this Saturday, February 21st. The board is open from 10.00 to 16.00 and is free of charge. See you there!