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Kruzenshtern’s schedule for 2015 confirmed

The vessel is preparing for the next year’s voyages; also hosted a meeting at the dockyard in Svetliy, Kaliningrad.

Kruzenshtern’s schedule for 2015 confirmed
The schedule for 2015 is officially confirmed. As usual, Kruzenshtern is going to have three voyages packed with ports. This year is special, though: all three upcoming voyages are going to be carried out in the context of 70th anniversary of victory in WWII celebrations.

Russian ports and the Cities of Military Glory are going to play a special part in celebrations. Sevastopol, Kerch, Novorossiysk, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk all keep the traces of Russian sailors’ heroic deeds. Open boards, meetings with veterans and photo exhibitions on board vessel are going to be held.

In foreign ports cooperation with various civil society organizations and visits of memorable spots related to the European fights with Fascism are planned. However, due to the current foreign policy situation the call in each foreign port is going to be decided peculiarly. Changes in the schedule are possible, beware.

Kruzenshtern is going to celebrate the Victory day on the 9th of May in Saint-Petersburg. Cadets and the crew are going to take part in the events dedicated to the memorable day.

Amongst the traditional sailing events of 2015 Kruzenshtern confirmed participation in an International marine festivals in Rostock and Bremerhaven as well as Amsterdam. Participation in the Year of Russia in Monaco events is planned as well.

On the 22nd of November 2014, while on planned maintenance in Svetliy, Kaliningrad region, Kruzenshtern hosted the working conference. Head of Federal Fishery Agency Science Administration Konstantin Bandurin, head of West-Baltic Territorial Administration of Federal Fishery Agency Maxim Buduratskiy, rector of Kaliningrad State Technical University Vladimir Volkogon, head of the Sailing Department of BFFSA Nikolay Paletsky and the director of Sudoremont Zapad Company Evgeniy Polevov took part. During the conference, the participants discussed the tempos of Kruzenshtern’s maintenance were discussed, as well as the the maintenance schedule and the amount of additional repair works. 

Photo of Kruzenshtern: Kirill Todorov