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Kruzenshtern is on the way to Rostock

Cadets take part in traditional meat dumpling all-hands and prepare the vessel for the winter season.

Kruzenshtern is on the way to Rostock
Captain Mikhail Novikov, reporting from the vessel:

“On the 20th of October Kruzenshtern entered the Northern Sea under the sails and with fair wind. On weekend cadets and crew participated in traditional meat dumpling all-hands.

During the past couple of days the cadets replaced several goosewings due to the planned repairs and cut several fore-and aft sails for more comfortable sailing during the autumn-winter season. Under the supervision of the crew members cadets maintain deck machinery and work on heights.

On the 21st and 22nd of October the cadets are going to pass the exams. It is time for us to reckon up this voyage.

The weather is fine, the wind is 10 to 12 meters per second, the temperature is up to 19 C during the day. Cloudy, without precipitations. Rostock is approximately 1000 miles away”.

You can see the Kruzenshtern’s actual position here.