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Kruzenshtern is heading to Warnemünde

Rostock’s suburb is going to be the last stop before the vessel’s return to Kaliningrad.

Kruzenshtern is heading to Warnemünde
Kruzensthern is coming to Warnemünde on the 7th of August. A brief passage from Poland to Germany has allowed the cadets to have some rest after the race. Although it’s hard to think of the Kruzenshtern’s result as a triumph, there’s still something to be proud of for the cadets. The participation is such a prestigious competition alongside strong contestants results in an invaluable experience, which is the most important prize of all.
The cadets took their revenge in competitions on the shore.

Kruzenshtern’s football team took the first place defeating the team from the vessel Dar Szczecina, the town administration representatives team and cadets from St-Petersburg Mir. Kruzenshtern’s own second mate Oleg Stepovoy became the coach of the team. 

Also, the two teams from Kruzenshtern took the first and the second place in the tug of war competition.

The cadets took part in the regular crew parade. During the stay in Warnemünde, the Kruzenshtern has been extremely popular amongst the citizens and the guests of the town. At some point up to thousand people walked through Kruzenshtern’s board in one hour.

The Kruzenshtern is going to stay in Warnemünde until the 11th of August.