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Kruzenshtern is finally coming back home

The barque is set to come back to her homeport on the 3rd of October; on October the 5th the sailing ship is opening her board for citizens and guests of Kaliningrad.

Kruzenshtern is finally coming back home
Kruzenshtern’s third voyage of 2014 is finally coming to an end. The vessel is set to call in the Fishery port of Kaliningrad (berth 18) on the 3rd of October at 13:00. Without a doubt this particular call in is higly anticipated because the barque hasn’t visited Kaliningrad since her leaving the port last year, on December 25th 2013. That marks 10,5 months of sailing for Kruzenshtern, even more than it took to complete her first round-the-world voyage. 

During last three voyages Kruzenshtern managed to participate in a handful of events. The first voyage started with the New Year’s Eve celebration in the place of her birth, in Bremerhaven, Germany (the barque was built at the docs of Bremerhaven in 1926), then the vessel visited the ports of Morocco, Italy, Greece and spent over a month in Sochi during the XXII Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Second voyage was marked with calls in ports of Agadir (Morocco), Sete (France), Varna (Bulgaria). In Varna Kruzneshtern participated in the opening of the first-ever Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta, but did not take part in the race itself in favor of long-planned visit of the port of now Russian Sevastopol during the Victory Day. In Sevastopol Kruzenshtern became the only non-military vessel to take part in the Marine Victory Parade which was headed by the commander-in-chief and the President of Russian Federation himself, Mr. Vladimir Putin. Then came the voyage number three which saw the captain Mikhail Novikov leaving his duties to become the mentor captain of the vessel and former chief mate Mikhail Eryomchenko taking his place as the Kruzenshtern’s new captain. Barque visited the Mediterranean ports, participated in the regatta under the aegis of Sail Training Ships Association, called in Spain during the World Sailing Ship Championship, bunked water and supplies in Belgium and last weekend even helped Szczecin Marine Academy to kick off the new school year.

During the 283 days of voyage (with 113 at sea in particular) Kruzenshtern passed 22,652 marine miles and called in the ports of 25 different countries. Over 360 cadets from Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Eysk and Astrakhan gained their first marine profession on board. Also, several dozens of sailor boys from Kostroma, Nizhniy Novgorod and Moscow got their experience of working on board. 

Kruzenshtern enters to Kaliningrad Fishery Port on the 3rd of October at 12.30, at 13.00 the captain is going to read the report on the arrival of the barque in the home port. But that won’t be the end of it all! On the 4th of October Kruzenshtern is going to welcome the Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy freshmen. The ordination ceremony on the vessel’s deck is going to start at 11.00, the cadets are going to obtain their certificates and get their first tour of Kruzenshtern.

On Sunday, October 5th, for one day only Kruzenshtern is going to open her board for all the citizens and guests of Kaliningrad absolutely free of charge. Kruzenshtern is going to be open at the Fishery port from 10.00 to 16.00 with the cadets providing detailed tours of the vessels for everyone interested. 

You are welcome!