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Kruzenshtern is approaching Santa Cruz de Tenerife

On the way to the Spainsh resort, the cadets are enjoying the weather, watching movies on deck and passing the tests.

Captain Mikhail Novikov, reporting from the vessel:

“On the 4th of October we have passed the Gibraltar and entered the Atlantic Ocean. The wind was fair so we set the sails and continued our passage to the shores of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. As we approach the island the temperature is rising, the thermometer already shows +26 C. Thus, the tent has been set in the stern.

During this time the cadets have been passing the tests according to the journals of practical training. In the evening cadets gather on the deck to watch marine movies on the screen.

Due to the decline in sailing intensity, the controls have been set to the backup steering wheel located in the stern. At midnight on the 5th of October the vessel’s clocks have been set an hour aback and on the 7th of October we had a washing day on board. Our baker Lyudmila Konopleva made enough pastry to feed the whole vessel.

The call in port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is planned for 8.30 a.m. on the 8th of October. Shortly after mooring we expect the provision and shipment sufficient enough for the road back to Kaliningrad. Also in this port the Kruzenshtern would be supplied with fresh water while the cadets and the crew are expected to take the bus tour to the famous Teide volcano.

We’re planning on leaving Santa Cruz de Tenerife on 10th of October.

You can see the Kruzenshtern’s actual position here