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Kruzenshtern in Santander

During the leaves the cadets went sightseeing and explored beaches of Atlantic.

Kruzenshtern in Santander
Kruzenshtern stayed in Santander for three days from 9th to 12th of September.

The barque has moored at the closed terminal, so unfortunately, the board was closed for visitors. However, that didn’t prevent the cadets and crew from leaving and going out to see the sights.

On the 11th of September the town administration and 2014 ISAF Sailing World Championship representatives paid a visit on board. The Spain Sailing Association president Antonio Longarela Herrero, the Santander tourism department representative GemaIgual Ortiz and 1980 Olympic Champion in sailing Alessandro Abascal presented captain Mikhail Novikov an invitation to the Sailing World Championship.

On the 12th of September at 6 p.m. the Kruzenshtern has left the berth of Santander. During the movement along the coastal line, the cadets and the crew got lucky enough to witness the dress rehearsal of the upcoming Championship.

Next stop is Barcelona.

You can always check the Kruzenshtern’s actual location