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Kruzenshtern in Brugge

The cadets spent the last days of summer on city tours and in museums.

Kruzenshtern in Brugge
After leaving Vlissingen on the 25th of August, Kruzenshtern has been maneuvering under the sails for several days in North Sea. The cadets and the crew have been perfecting the under the sails turning routine and their actions while sail alarms. Also, the hull painting works have begun. 

Kruzenshtern called in port of Zeebrugge (Belgium) early in the morning on 29th of August. The vessel has moored in Leopold II Dam harbor.

Special guests, such as Russian Federation representative in European Union V. Chizhov and Russian Federation general counsel in Antwerp A. Petrachkov along with the attaché M. Morozov were among the first ones to visit Kruzenshtern.

After the officials left the locals and the families of Russian Federation embassy workers came onboard to learn more about Kruzenshtern from the cadets who gave the tour of the vessel. The Russian Federation embassy organized the bus tours to Brugge for the Kruzenshtern’s cadets and the crew. Over 140 people took part in those. Besides walking around Brugge dining in the cafes and shopping the cadets were able to visit the freight terminal and the Museum of Freedom.

In Zeebrugge the water supplies on board Kruzenshtern were replenished and on the 1st of September, the vessel has left the port.

On the same day the barque has passed the narrow part of the Strait of Dover and entered the English Channel. At the moment Kruzenshtern is heading to Santander and is expecting to call in the Spanish port on the 8th of September.

You can see the Kruzenshtern’s actual position here