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Kruzenshtern has started Olympic voyage

The barque is going to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Bremerhaven, then call in ports of Morocco, Italy and Greece and finally spend over a month in Sochi for the XXII Winter Olympics

Kruzenshtern has started Olympic voyage
Kruzenshtern has left the Fishery port of Kaliningrad on the unusually warm and sunny day on the 25th of December 2013. This year the vessel has quite a solid schedule: during the three passages Kruzenshtern is going to call in 20 ports of 15 countries. The barque is leaving her homeport in winter, right before the New Year’s Eve celebration, not in spring as usual only to return to Kaliningrad in October.

The first stop is Bremerhaven, Germany. Here the cadets and the crew are going to celebrate New Year’s Eve according to Russian traditions: there are going to be dances round the Christmas tree with lots of presents and surprises. Then there is Moroccan Tangier. The main reason for the Kruzensthern to be there is the Russian Fishery Agency meetings and events. During the January the sailing ship is also going to call in ports of Bari (Italy) and Patras (Greece).

The key event for this voyage and the whole year 2014 are the XXII Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The barque already has some experience in supporting the Russian Olympic Team: in 2010 Kruzenshtern has visited Vancouver, Canada for the XXI Winter Olympic Games. The deck of the vessel has sort of expanded the territory of Russian House in the Olympic Village in Vancouver and favored everyone with unforgettable impressions. During the Games, the ship has been visited by thousands of sportsmen, Olympic Games participants, fans from all of the world, members of the National Olympic team and tourists. The exhibition “From Vancouver to Sochi” by the official photographer of Kruzenshtern Vasiliy Semidyanov is going to be shown on board of the vessel during the visit to Sochi.

Kruzenshtern has become the part of the Olympic Torch relay-race this autumn. The relay-race in Kaliningrad has started on board of the vessel with Kruzenshtern’s captain Mikhail Novikov and one of the cadets becoming the Olympic Torch bearers. Also, the cadets of Kruzenshtern are going to become the Olympic volunteers in Sochi. Among their duties are accompanying the guests of Games and organizing their stay at the territory of the port of Sochi. The cadets have been specially instructed and trained for this kind of job and even gained the special certifications for this.

Even the vessel’s departure on the 25th of December turned out to be Sochi-themed. The cadets standing in formation on the deck were dressed in traditional black jackets with white uniform caps and special sports fan scarves. While addressing cadets, Vladimir Volkogon, the rector of Kaliningrad State Technical University has mentioned that this particular voyage is of special importance: “Not only the guests and citizens of different foreign ports are going to watch you, the whole world is going to”.

However, there is another reason that makes this voyage so special. For the first time ever Kruzenshtern carries nine cadets from Namibia, gaining their motor-mechanic and sailor profession here on board. The cadets are studying in Kaliningrad Marine Fishery College and come from the Namibian Fishery Organization. Vladimir Volkogon has also mentioned them in his speech and presented the cadets a cake from the Kruzenshtern’s crew.

The first part of the voyage is going to end on the 25th of February in Sochi where the group of cadets for the second part are going to come and the cadets that have already served on board for a couple of months are going to leave.