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Kruzenshtern has called in Sochi

During the mooring the silhouette of famous barque embellished the new Olympic capital.

Kruzenshtern has called in Sochi
Kruzenshtern entered the port of Sochi on the 6th of February 2014. During the mooring the numerous tourists and citizens started to recognize the famous barque and finding out if they are going to be able to get on board. However, up until now the Kruzenshtern remains closed to public due to increased safety measures in whole Sochi.

Fifty cadets from Kruzenshtern completed the courses to become volunteers during the XXII Winter Olympic games. Cadets work in port helping tourists and getting their luggage on cruise ships. Each and every cadet is visiting the Olympic park in groups, where they meet Olympic fans from all over the world, participate in TV shows and pose for countless tourists photographs.

Some of the cadets get lucky enough to see the competitions: for instance, while attending the Olympic park, seven cadets were rewarded by some of the volunteers with tickets to see the hockey match between the female teams of Finland and Germany. Trainees check out Krasnaya Polyana, a beautiful resort in the mountains, where skiing and snowboarding competitions are being held. The cadets and the crew are enjoying the weather in Sochi, which is beyond fantastic: the days are clear and sunny with an average +19 C during the day. This kind of weather can be usually caught in Kaliningrad in late April, however, this is what it looks like on South of Russia during the February.

Life on board Kruzenshtern is pretty active these days as well. One shift of cadets work on deck while the other ones are on duty at the galley or at the ship’s ladder of at the class rooms. TV channels come to visit the Kruzenshtern and film what’s going on with the famous sailing ship these days.

Photos by Vasiliy Semidianov