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Kruzenshtern at the docks

The vessel needs some repairing and systematic servicing before the Marine Registry presentation

Kruzensthern is currently at the floating drydock, where it is being prepared for the examination by the specialists of Marine Registry. Shipwrights are cleaning the underwater part of the vessel’s hull and preparing it for the paintworks. They are also repairing the anchor-handling gear as well as the rowing mechanism. This winter the barque is going to cross Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean. According to the captain, after all the docking procedures, the Kruzenshtern is going to be ready to go to anywhere in the world.

“The vessel is 87 years old, imagine that!” says Gennadiy Kolominsky, the mentor captain of barque Kruzenshtern. “You can expect anything after all these years, but as the docking, the repairs and measurement procedures show, the Kruzenshtern is in good condition."

Members of the crew are also preparing Kruzenshtern for the Marine Registry examination. They are rolling up the sails and checking the engines and mechanisms in the machine room.

The most difficult part of the works are the rowing propellers. The workers have to take the propellers and the whole construction down, each of these devices weight about 3 tons. The propellers can speed the vessel up to 20 km/h.