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Barque Kruzenshtern has started her third voyage of 2013

The cadets have left their families for two and a half months.

Barque Kruzenshtern has started her third voyage of 2013
The ceremony took place exactly on the day of the Kruzenshtern leaving for her third voyage this year. Around 3 p.m. on August 16th the families, relatives and friends started invading the Marine Fishery Port of Kaliningrad to say goodbye to the cadets and the crew. Hundreds of people came onboard, instructed their loved ones and took photos of each other.

Later, the rector of the Kaliningrad State Technical University Vladimir Volkogon and the head of the Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy Sergey Karpovich addressed the cadets during the formation. The chief training and studying officer Sergey Usankov has introduced himself to cadets and their parents and spoke about the studying process during this voyage.

The Kruzenshtern has left the port of Kaliningrad on the same day in the evening. The first port of call is going to be Vlissingen (Netherlands) where the barque is going to take part in the marine festival. Also, there have been some changes in the voyage schedule. The Kruzenshtern is not going to visit the port of La Specia (Italy), instead she is going through the Atlantic Ocean to Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain). Along with the change of port the dates of the call in are going to be changed, however this is not going to affect the date of Kruzenshtern’s homecoming, which is set for 29th of October.