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The Kruzenstern hosted a Russian-German evening

Students from the Kruzenshtern Schule have made their first passage from Szczecin to Rostock.

The Kruzenstern hosted a Russian-German evening
On the 6th of August the cadet’s dining room hosted a party for the students of Kruzenshtern Schule (Rostock, Germany), who were brave enough to make a passage from Szczecin to Rostock. Kruzenshtern Schule are barque Kruzenshtern’s long-time partners, the crew have been working along with the school for several years.

The cadets have prepared several performances for the students. German youngsters saw documentaries, dedicated to the famous sailing ship, heard songs about the barque such as “Parusa Kruzenshterna” written by Aleksander Gorodnitsky and saw the traditional lezginka performed by the cadets of Kaspian Marine College. In turn, the female students from the school of Kruzenshtern sang the traditional song in German. The performances were followed with the tea-drinking with cakes.

The morning of August 7th started with award ceremony honoring the cadets who participated in sport competitions in Szczecin. Most of the cups and medals were given to the cadets from Kruzenshtern. The captain Mikhail Novikov congratulated the cadets with the awards.