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Summer of festivals

Kruzenshtern continuous her Tall Ships festival tour across Europe.

Summer of festivals
As we all know, summer is perfect for hanging out at festivals and Krusenshtern is no exception. During the voyage # 3/118 the vessel has already took part in Sail Bremerhaven 2015 (set in Germany), Hanse Sail 2015 (set in Warnemunde, Germany), and Sail Amsterdam 2015 (set in Netherlands). The barque also called in Kristiansand, Norway where one of the stages of Tall Ships Races 2015 has been held.

Cadets take part in sports competitions and crew parades in almost each and every port there is on the schedule, while the Kruzenshtern herself opens board for every day as the vessel stood anchored. In Bremerhaven cadets were honored with the first prize of the festival Sail Bremerhaven 2015 for their accomplishments in sports.

Next stop for Kruzenshtern is the fabulous Monte Carlo, Monaco. The vessel plans to call in the port omn the 6th of September.