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The Kruzenstern has returned to Kaliningrad

She is not going to stay at home for long – on the 16th of August the barque is planning to leave for the third voyage this year.

The Kruzenstern has returned to Kaliningrad
As expected, the Kruzenshtern has returned to her home port on the 13th of August in the evening, ending her second voyage of 2013. Over 120 cadets from Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg and Astrakhan took part in this practice.

Also, on behalf of the program of international cooperation between institutes of fishery the sea cabin boys from various profile education institutions took part in the voyage along with the students of Belorussian Agricultural State Academy.

During the summer voyage of 2013, the Kruzenshtern has visited ports of seven countries, while the cadets and the crew visited the House and Museum of Ivan Fedorovich Kruzenshtern in Estonian for the first time ever. The cadets and the crew are going to remember the events of voyage #111 for a long time: the Kruzenshtern called in ports of Tallinn and Sillamae, took part in Baltic Sail 2013 regatta and Hansa Sail Festival in Rostock.