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Kruzenshtern is participating in Hansa Sail 2013

Festival attendants get to know the cadets.

Kruzenshtern is participating in Hansa Sail 2013
The barque came to the port of Warnemünde, Germany where the traditional marine festival Hansa Sail 2013 is being held at the moment.
Kruzenshtern has opened her board for citizens and guests of Warnemünde. The festival is still expecting many vessels to come. Among the first ones, came the so-called ‘twin-vessels’ - Dar Molodezhi (Poland) and Mir from Russia. In the evening the Kruzenshtern is going to host a party for all the captains who came to Hansa Sail 2013 festival.

On the 8th of August a group of students from Rostock’s Kruzenshtern schule, those who weren’t lucky enough to make a passage from Szczecin on board Kruzensthern, came to visit the vessel. The cadets gave the tour of the ship and got an invitation to come to the school next day. As usual, this visit is not going to avoid the sports competitions between the cadets from Russia and students from Germany.

The Kruzenshtern plans to leave Warnemünde on the 11th of August. The barque is expected to return to Kaliningrad, Russia around midnight on the 13th of August.