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Kruzenshtern is back to Sochi for the Paralympics

On the 6th of March the vessel came back to the 2014 Olympics capital, the cadets and the crew are already contributing their best effort into the event.

Kruzenshtern is back to Sochi for the Paralympics
On the 26th of March Kruzenshtern left Sochi for the Black sea. This moment marked the ending of the first voyage of 2013-2014 and the beginning of a second one (#2/114). By this moment some of the members of the crew left the barque and went home and new members came; same exchange happened to some of the cadets. During one week of sailing in the Black Sea cadets have been working with the sails with all-hands happening at least five times a day.

The vessel came back to Sochi on the 6th of March. Newly appointed captain Mikhail Eryomchenko and mentor-captain Mikhail Novikov visited the Paralympics opening ceremony and returned to Kruzenshtern highly impressed by it.

Cadets are already visiting the competitions as well as participating in some. Some of the trainees were lucky enough to go to the sledge hockey matches while the others faced local soccer team from Sochi on a nearby stadium.

In the evening on the 10th of March the rector of Kaliningrad State Technical University Vladimir Volkogon gathered cadets and some of the crew members on the Kruzenshtern’s deck and presented them with special gratitudes from the Ministry of Fisheries of Russian Federation. The Ministry thanked the cadets and the crew of Kruzenshtern for volunteering during the XXII Winter Olympic Games. Mikhail Eryomchenko and Mikhail Novikov addressed team Kruzenshtern as well.

During the stay at the port of Sochi Kruzenshtern made a lot of friends including the frontier guards patrolling the area. After short negotiations between the officers of Kruzenshtern and the guard commands it has been decided to send a group of cadets to the guarding boats for the guards to give them a tour. The cadets were amazed by the new engine rooms, navigational aids and the artillery. The return visit happened in a little while and this time the cadets welcomed frontier guards on board Kruzenshtern.