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Kruzenshtern is 90: International Research Project

On June the 16th Russian and German sides are going to meet in Bremerhaven on board Kruzensthern to discuss the details of the project.

Kruzenshtern is 90: International Research Project
Two years ago Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy in Kaliningrad and German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven have started together the international research project aimed to track the history of sail training ship Kruzensthern.

According to the contract Bremerhaven, the German side tracks and researches the German period of Padua from 1926 to 1946, while BFFSA portray the vessel from 1946 up to now.

The project explores all the available plans and charts, documents and sources on building, equipping and retrofitting of the sailing ship. All the results are going to be presented in a joint publication. The anniversary edition is going to be issued as two books – one in German and English and one in Russian.

At the moment the story of Kruzenshtern has numerous flaws. Only joint work of two organizations from Germany and Russia can cast the light on the truth behind the engineering miracle that this sailing ship is. “The Documentary Story of Padua/Kruzensthern” is going to clarify the process of the cargo ship turning into the world famous sail training ship that can host up to 200 people on board, let them practice comfortably, let them take part in regattas, pass the long distance from one port to another, do the expeditions and even circumnavigations!

On the 16th of June in Bremerhaven, the Kruzenshern’s place of birth, the vessel and captain Mikhail Eremchenko are going to welcome the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven representatives on board. During this meeting the Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy representatives are going to hand over some of the technical materials and schemes of Kruzensthern from the archives. These materials will hopefully help the German side in their work on the project. The results of the international research project “Padua/Kruzenshtern” are going to be presented in 2016, the 90th anniversary of the sailing ship.