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Kruzenshtern in Barcelona

The barque spent four unforgettable days in Catalonia.

Kruzenshtern in Barcelona
On the way to the shores of Italy the Kruzenshtern laid to drift and used this opportunity to paint the hull and prepare the vessel for the call in.

Ob the 18th of September the cadets took part in the Karaoke Competition which happened to be a tremendous success among both the participants and spectators.

In Barcelona the cadets and the crew were able to prolong the summer of 2013. The weather was excellent, the sun was shining and the sea was warm enough to swim in it. Kruzenshtern came to Barcelona to take part in the Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta which included much more than just a tall ships race. Cadets took part beach volleyball tournament and came in fourth place. The cadets also participated in rowing competition.

In the evening everyone was invited to the crew party which gathered sailors from vessels that came to participate in the Regatta.

This year’s Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta took place in Barcelona for the third time and allowed the citizens and guests of the city to visit over thirty sailing ships from all over the world. 36 vessels were announced to take part in the race with Kruzenshtern being the leader in her class. The barque left Barcelona on the 24th of September at 11 a.m., the race to Toulon started at 5 p.m.