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Kruzenshtern has called in Bari

After a week of sailing from Morocco, the barque anchored in Italy

Kruzenshtern has called in Bari
On the 21st of January Kruzenshtern called in Bari, Italy. A group of ministerial and governmental representatives including councelor-minister of the Russian embassy in Italian Republic Dmitry Shtodin came by to welcome the cadets and the crew at the port.

Mikhail Novikov, the captain of Kruzenshtern took the guests on tour and showed them the vessel’s chapel, museum, the bridge and the photo exhibition on board.

Next day, the cadets went on a trip to Alberobello located on the outskirts of Bari. There the cadets were able to check out the sights of the Opulia region and unique historical trulli constructions. Luckily for them, it has been the only sunny day in the line of rainy ones – the tourist group from Kruzenshtern was able to enjoy the blooming bushes on the streets of Bari, the warm sun of the region and the stunning scenery.

Citizens and guests of Bari are visiting Kruzenshtern while cadets are providing the tours of the ship and leave the vessel to buy souvenirs and hang around the town.

The Bari anchorage is going to last up until the 24th of January.

Photos by Vasiliy Semidyanov