Training at «Kruzenshtern»

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Морская Практика

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The training sailing vessel "Kruzenshtern" gives the chance to get additional sailing education onboard a sailing vessel. The Russian and foreign trainees during sea campaigns study the theory of a sailing vessel equipment, receive practical knowledge on work with harness, and as the basic skills of actions on alarm and use of saving means. 

Training of foreign trainees is carried out on the basis of contracts with the agency companies who are in charge of recruiting. The companies make sure that trainees have all necessary documents for the declared period on a vessel according to EU laws. At the present moment Academy has contracts with the agency companies in Germany and France. 

To pass training onboard a sailing vessel a number of following requirements exists for Russian trainees: 

  • — Presence of the valid seaman passport (seaman ID). 
  • — Presence of the medical card received in specialized medical institutions, about the ability to sail on sea vessels. 
  • — Presence of certificates of Sea administrations of Russian Federation ports about finishing special preparation for sailing on sea vessels. 
  • — Presence of the life and health insurance policy for all period of sailing on a vessel. 

Services in additional educational activity are paid. The prices are affirmed annually.