Crew of the "Kruzenshtern"

Snow-white sails is not only a tribute to naval traditions and possibility to make a sea adventure but also the checked up means of real seamen training having huge practical value.

Trade of the seaman inseparably linked with risk. But the sea gives not only tests by storm and gale-force winds, the sea gives the chance to feel yourself strong and courageous. Only courageous and strong-minded people can resist unpredictable elements.

These qualities are developed in future mariners by practice on an educational sailing vessel «Kruzenshtern». In sea voyages cadets receive physical training, exercise will, study to work in a crew, study to accept critical decisions for own destiny and destiny of the companions. School on the «Kruzenshtern» forms such a strong core in a person that in the future life helps bite the bullets.

Making round-the-world sailings, regular ocean voyages, educational sailing races, Bark «Kruzenshtern» carries out high mission, representing Russia and Kaliningrad in the face of entire world. In foreign ports sailing vessel «Kruzenshtern» it is not simple territory of the Russian Federation but it is a place of the international meetings of states leaders, politicians, businessmen and representatives of world sea community. The cadets onboard a vessel get invaluable diplomatic experience, broaden the mind and expand the general culture. Good sea bearing acquired during sailing, discipline and affability allow the future seamen to represent Fatherland adequately over seas and oceans.