Faculty of Transport

The Dean Vladimir Sobolin

PhD, Merited transport worker


236029, Kaliningrad, 30 Ozernaya str.

+7 (4012) 92-51-21

The Faculty consists of 5 departments:

  • Department of protection in emergency situations
  • Department of motor vehicles and automobile service
  • Department of physical education and sport
  • Department of foreign languages
  • The Faculty offers the following training programmes:

23.03.03 “Operation of transport-technological machines and complexes”

Degree: bachelor 
Training area:
- automobiles and automotive industry;
- automobile industry. 
Modes of study: full-time( 4 years) and part-time (5 years) 
Spheres of professional activity of the graduates include science and technology related to the operation, repair and service support of vehicles, transport and technological machines for different purposes (transport, handling, port, construction, road construction, agricultural, and other special machinery and their complexes), their assemblies, systems and components.

03.23.01 “Technology of transport processes”

Degree: bachelor 
Training areas:
- Organization and management of road transport;
- Transport Safety. 
Modes of study: full-time (4 years), part-time (5 years) 
The holder of the degree can be employed in:
- Science and technology related to safety precautions and transport system;
- Transport organizations and companies;
- Safety services of public and private transport enterprises, logistics service of production and trade organizations;
- Forwarding companies;
- Service of the state transport inspection;
- Research and design organizations engaged in activities in the field of technology and transport technology of transport processes, organization and traffic safety;
- Factories and schools, higher and secondary specialized educational institutions.

23.03.01 “Technosphere safety”

Degree: bachelor
Training area: protection in emergency situations
Modes of study: full-time (4 years) and extra-mural (4 years) 
The holder of the degree can be employed in:
- Departments, services and oversight bodies in the field of population and territories in emergency situations;
- Project organization, elaborating documentation for protection in emergencies;
- Subdivisions of Russian System of Prevention and Response to ES and civil defense of interregional, regional, municipal and facility levels;
- Industrial enterprises of any form of ownership;
- Primary, secondary and higher education institutions.