Radiotechnical Faculty

The Dean Igor Vetrov

PhD, associate prof. of the department of marine radio-technical systems


+7 (4012) 92-51-08

The Faculty consists of 4 departments:

  • Department of marine radio-technical systems 
  • Department of information security 
  • Department of information technology 
  • Department of physics and chemistry 

The Faculty offers the following training programmes: 

25.05.03 “Technical maintenance of transport radio equipment”

Training areas:
- Fishing fleet radio equipment technical maintenance and repair
- International information and telecommunication systems in transport 
Degree: Engineer
Mode of study: full-time, part-time
Duration of study: 5,6 years and 6,6 years correspondingly. 
The holder of the degree can be employed:
- as a radio officer on marine vessels
- in land-based enterprises dealing with technical maintenance of telecommunication systems
- in educational institutions 

10.05.03 “Information security of automated systems”

Training area: Provision of information security of distributed information systems” 
Degree: Specialist
Mode of study: full-time
Duration of study: 5 years 
The holder of the degree can be employed as:
- an information security specialist
- an information security engineer
- a security specialist of information and automated systems 

09.03.01 “Informatics and computer technology”

Training area: “Automated systems of information processing and control” 
Degree: Bachelor
Mode of study: part-time
Duration of study: 5 years 
The holder of the degree can be employed in:
- radio electronics enterprises
- automated center for information processing and control
- computing machines, complexes, systems and networks
- automated systems of information processing and control, CAD systems,
- network equipment, various computer systems
- software management
- network administration